Top 5 Best Gel Pens in India

Top 5 Best Gel Pens in India

Last Updated On: 2019/July/07

There are several types of gel pens available in the market currently- prices ranging from as low as INR 5 and going up to a few thousand Rupees.

Having such a variety might  make it confusing for you to select the best gel pens in India. However, we will solve this problem for you in this post by reviewing multiple gel pens in the market on variety of parameters and selecting the top ones.

The basic criteria while selecting the best gel pens in India is to look for a brand and model that doesn’t “glob up” while you are using it. After continuous usage, ink sometimes accumulates at the end of the tip &  it will fall off while writing and ruin your work.

Another factor to consider is the ink drying time. Since gel pens have gel based ink, if the ink doesn’t dry quickly once its on paper, it may get rubbed off with your fingers while writing, thus spoiling you work.

Apart from this, you can consider several other parameters like water-proof ink, good quality & comfortable grip, availability of refills in the market, price of the pen, weight of the pen, etc. while arriving at a conclusion.

So without wasting any much time, let us now get rolling and discuss the top 5 best gel pens in India shortlisted by us.

#1. Cello Deco Gel Pen



Cello Deco Gel Pen

Looking for gel pens for daily use without spending too much? Check out Cello Deco Gel Pen. Available in bright pen body colors like Blue, Black, Green, Pink, etc. these pens look cute and are light in weight.

The ink is said to be waterproof offering you a smudge free writing experience. The tip is of 0.6 mm making it just ideal for writing.

The price of Cello Deco Gel Pen is around Rs.6 per piece only making it ideal for students or anyone else who wishes to use gel pens without spending too much money.

A special pack of these 25 pens is available on Amazon in a Plastic Jar costing only Rs.150 making is a really good deal for people interested in buying them online.


  • Attractive body colours
  • Waterproof ink
  • Value for money- super cheap price


  • None

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#2. Uniball Air Micro Roller Ball Pen


Best Gel Pens in India

This is one of the best gel pen in India if you are looking for a smooth scratch free writing experience. The pen comes with 0.5mm Tungsten carbide ball, & tip made of stainless steel. The pen comes with a special technology that allows you to write comfortably at any angle.

If you are looking for best in class writing experience , this is one of the best choices.


  • Smooth scratch free writing
  • Lasts longer than the normal gel pens
  • Refill available in the market


  • Cost might appear to be slightly higher to some people

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#3. Pilot Hi-Techpoint 05 Super Value Pen


Top 5 Best Gel Pens in India

Who hasn’t heard of ‘Pilot’ pens? This pen comes with white body color and is available in multiple ink colours including Blue & Black. The pen comes with 0.5 tungsten carbide ball for good writing. The company claims that the writing length of the pen is around 1500 meters which is almost 4 times of a normal gel pen.


  • Good writing length of almost 1500 meters (claimed by the company)
  • Free flowing ink
  • Value for money pricing


  • Refill is not transparent- you will not be able to see & check ink levels directly.

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#4. Cello Pointec Clic Gel Pen


Cello Pointec Clic Gel Pen

Are you someone who always forgets to replace the cap of the pen after use or most often then not forget the cap somewhere? This gel pen is the best option for you.

It is one of the rare gel pens which comes with a click mechanism.  This pen boasts of a special featherflow ink system which ensures a smooth writing experience. The pen also has a special spring tip so that you can write comfortably without putting too much pressure.


  • Click based mechanism
  • Spring tip
  • Smooth ink flow
  • Low price


  • None

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#5. Pilot V7 Hi-Tecpoint Pen


Pilot V7 Hi Tecpoint Pen

This is one of the most popular ‘Pilot’ brand pen in India. Pilot V7 Hi-Tecpoint Pen comes with special rechargeable cartridge system which makes refilling the pen a breeze.

The company claims that this pen writes almost double as compared to a regular gel pen. The pen has liquid ink which ensures smooth flow and writing experience.

The price is cost effective. The special pack available on Amazon comes with separate pens- one blue & one black.

The pack also contains 2 separate ink cartridges- 2 each of Blue & Black. This combo pack is available on Amazon for a little over 100 bucks making it a super value for money proposition.


  • Value for money pricing
  • Rechargeable cartridge system
  • Liuqid ink for smooth writing


  • None

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We hope you would have selected the ideal pen for your requirements based on this post of ours on Best Gel Pens in India. Have you already used any of the pens mentioned in this post? Feel free to let us know your experience using comment box below.

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