Top 5 Best Grass Cutters in India

Top 5 Best Grass Cutters in India

Last Updated On: 04 July 2019

If you have a lawn and want it to appear in the best of its prime, you need to have a good quality grass cutter.

Also referred to as grass cutter, they are quite efficient in removing overgrown grass, bushes and similar other vegetation quite quickly.

The best part with these machines is you do not need any additional labour to clean up your garden. Let us check out some of the best grass cutters in India in today’s post.

Before we can move ahead to find the best grass cutters in India, let us understand what are these helpful for.

A grass cutter is almost similar to a line trimmer, but instead of the nylon wire used on a line trimmer to cut small pieces of grass, a grass cutter makes use of a metal blade.

Some of the advantages that these smart machines offer you would include ease and simplicity of use, versatile applications and durable functionality. However, you also need to follow a few precautions if you are using the grass cutters.

They are the power tools and can be dangerous if you do not follow the precautionary measures.

Having understood that, let us move ahead to check some of the best grass cutters in India you can buy from online sources.

#1. Honda Brush Cutter UMK 435 T U2NT

Honda Brush Cutter UMK 435 T U2NT

The Honda Brush Cutters have always been the preferred options, and the UMK 435 T model lives up to the expectations you may have for the best brush cutter in India.

Made from robust and durable material, the grasscutter is quite perfect for use in any sort of terrains.

The grass cutter should be an excellent option if you are looking for heavy duty functionality in grass cutting or lawn mowing requirements.

The well-built machine that offers a reliable service, this is a perfect choice for all sizes of lawns or fields you may want to use it.


  • Low-level noise and vibration
  • Excellent quality of the material.
  • Good on petrol consumption


  • Cost may be a little heavier
  • Power is not something that lives up to the expectation.

Find more about it at Amazon by clicking here.

#2. Turner Tools 4 Stroke Grass Cutter

Turner Tools 4 Stroke Grass Cutter

The brand Turner Tools should be the what should attract you to this grass cutter The four-stroke performance will make a reliable and powerful and thus one of the best grass cutter in India. Also, the tool comes equipped with almost all the necessary attachments.

Being a four-stroke engine, it should be one of the most powerful options, while the fuel consumption may be a slight concern.

The fuel tank capacity reads 1.1 litres, and the tool can be used for multiple purposes that include rice cutting as well.


  • Less noisy in terms of operation.
  • Fuel consumption is considerably lower despite it being a four-stroke engine.
  • There are good video links to help you make the best use of the application.


  • A manual would have been quite helpful in addition to the videos

If you are interested, you may check it out at this link on Amazon.

#3. Mahavir Enterprises GT-Shakti 4S Crop Harvester

Best Grass Cutting Machine in India

The Mahavir Enterprises GT-Shakti 4S Crop Harvester is yet another best grass cutter in India that offers you a high power output options.

The low noise functionality should be yet another feature that will make it a great option for a quieter operation.

The grass cutter comes with a new age design and offers you an excellent option for higher power output.

The new design makes it one of the prominent options to work with. It also comes with an automatic oil pump feature that makes it easy to care and maintain your grass cutter.


  • The new engine offers you a better power efficiency.
  • You also get to save enough in terms of fuel due to efficient power consumption.
  • A better degree of oil lubrication.


  • Some reviews suggest a possible oil leakage.
  • The weight is slightly heavy.

You can buy the grass cutter in India from this link on Amazon.

#4. Toolsden TD-BC-FD30 Heavy Duty Petrol Brush Cutter

Best Grass Cutters in India

The Toolsden TD – BC FD 30 is a good option if you are looking for the best grass cutter in India.

It should be one of the formidable choices for a high-performance brush cutting and crop harvesting requirements. The 3T metal blade should be the best option to handle your grass cutting needs.

The grass cutter also comes with a nylon grass cutting option for enhanced performance.

The smaller and compact design should make it an ideal option from the portability point of view.

The multitasking capabilities of the machine makes it the best option for almost any of your requirements in crop harvesting, grass cutting and even rice and wheat harvesting as well.


  • The lighter machine can be best suited for lawn mowing as well.
  • Works best to reach even the inaccessible areas
  • It is the best option for multipurpose needs.


  • You should need to use it with petrol and engine oil combination.
  • Installation is a little difficult because of the lack of manual.

If the features make it attractive enough, you can check it on Amazon.

#5. Wolf Garten GTS 429DL Four Stroke Brush Cutter

Best Grass Cutters in India

Featuring a twin line cutting mechanism, this should be one of the best grass cutters in India that can help you out with practically every purpose.

The anti-vibration design is what would be the best option to handle it effectively. It can be one of the best options for working with cleaning the bushes and trees as well, along with working with your grass cutting needs.

The grass cutter also comes equipped with shoulder strap, protective goggles and protection of ears.

This should make it a perfect options and one of the safest one at that. The build quality is sturdy enough and provides you access to a durable functioning.


  • In addition to cutting grass, it should also help you in trimming the lawns, clearing the medium to larger lawn areas and also cutting the bushes.
  • The anti-vibration handle will be helpful enough for an enhanced and relaxed working.
    Automatic line adjustment.


  • It is slightly difficult to start at times if the reviews can be believed.
  • The warranty period is just around six months

If the product appears to be effective in meeting your requirements, you can check it out at this link on Amazon.

Those were a few excellent options for the best grass cutters in India that you would want to opt for. We would assume that the grass cutters featured in this compilation should be helpful enough in letting you choose the right one for your needs.

Check the list out and share your thoughts with us. Make sure to understand the actual areas you want to cover and the power needed for the efficiency that you are looking for before finalizing the product of your choice.

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