Top 5 Best Tadka Pans in India 2020

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Last Updated On: 9th Feb 2020

Tadka Pan is one of the most used kitchen items in all households across India. Tadka or tempering enhances the taste of all dishes like dal, curries, etc.

In this post, we have listed the Top 5 Best Tadka Pans in India 2020 from prominent brands which are of high quality and yet priced reasonably.

Using them will make the work of tempering spices and adding tadka hassle-free. So read this post ahead to find out the best tadka pans in India

Best Tadka Pans in India 2020

#1. Solimo Non-Stick Tadka Pan

Solimo Non Stick Tadka Pan

Solimo is Amazon’s own brand for kitchen appliances and it is one of the best tadka pans in India available online.

It comes with Teflon 3-layer coating which makes it very durable. It is safe to use a metal spoon on it which is very handy to mix the contents of the tadka in the pan.

It comes with special Bakelite riveted handle which is fitted tightly and doesn’t get hot. It also has a small metal stand at the bottom of the handle to keep it upright.

It is easy to clean and wash. The only downside is that it can be used only on the gas stove and not on an induction cooktop. However, all in all, it is a very high-quality item available at a very low price. It comes with a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

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#2. Prestige Hard Anodised Tadka Pan

Best Tadka Pans in India

This is yet another good option available in the market from a renowned brand- Prestige.

The pan is made up of hard anodized aluminium which is fully nontoxic, highly durable and long lasting. The metal spoon can be used on it since the pan has a special Teflon coating.

If you are looking for the best tadka pan for dal or giving tadka to any dish, this is the best choice.

This pan comes with a special handle which is which ensures coolness while holding the tadka pan.

The handle also has a small stand at the bottom to keep it upright. This is a must buy the option if you are looking for best non-stick tadka pan from a reputed brand at a low price.

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Best Non Stick Tadka Pans in India 2020

#3. Pigeon Non-Stick Tadka Pan

Pigeon Non Stick Tadka Pan

Pigeon Tadka Pan is a good option to go for while selecting the Best Tadka Pans in India. Made of premium quality Aluminium, it offers you multiple heating functionalities.

What makes it an outstanding option is the three layers Non-Stick coating from Giblin. Warp-proof design, thanks to the extra thick base should make it a durable tadka pan ever.

No matter what amount of heat is applied to the pan, you will find that the handle stays cool enough.

The tadka pan also comes with a stand to prevent accidental fall and spillage of oil. The surface is perfectly coated to offer you a good performance even with metal spoons.

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#4. Wonderchef Hard Anodized Large Tadka Pan

Wonderchef Hard Anodized Tadka Pan

Highly durable and scratch proof, the Wonderchef Hard Anodized Large Tadka Pan offers you a faster and even cooking for your seasoning and other requirements thanks to the high conductivity Aluminium make.

Hard anodized coating resists any kind of usage – even the metal spoons will not produce any scratches.
Hard anodized material is environment-friendly and does not produce any kind of chemicals and toxic elements.

The design with a dark finish and riveted handles would make it an excellent option making it both aesthetic and functional. You get a 5 years manufacturer warranty making it a great investment in itself.

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Best Aluminium Tadka Pan in India 2020

#5. Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Vagariya

Nirlon Non Stick Aluminium Vagariya

Get high-level durability and long-life functionality with premium quality hard anodized coating. Best suited for low cholesterol – low-calorie cooking, the pan does not consume much oil. The smoother surface makes it much easy to clean.

Aluminium offers you a faster and even cooking by virtue of its good thermal conductivity. Even the looks of the cookware make it contemporary and attractive enough.

The thicker coating would make it compatible with metal spoons or spatula. Resistant to warps and cracks, you can be assured of a lifetime functionality with not much of maintenance requirements.

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We assume that the top 5 best tadka pans we have featured here should meet most of your needs.

We have taken care to include the products that are both affordable and functional to the core. Choose the one that meets your needs and share your thoughts with us.

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