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Top 5 Best Flutes in India 2019

Last Updated: 04 July, 2019

A flute is a beautiful musical instrument and provides a soothing & melodious song experience.

Even when there are several best flute options available in the market with multiple materials, the natural flute experience is only possible with the bamboo flutes.

If you are a beginner and looking for the best flute options for your need, our top five list of best flutes in India should be helpful enough for you.

While you are looking for the best flutes in India you can buy in 2018, it is essential to go with a few essential elements you can opt for.

The pitch and length are a few critical aspects that may need attention. The quality of bamboo may also be an important factor you may need to give a thought to.

Fine tuning of bamboo can only be done when it is being made with not many options available to alter it further.

With that knowledge, here are our top five choices for the best flutes in India.

The top options listed above are explained in detail below.

Best Punam Flutes for Beginners in India

#1. Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Bamboo Flute- 19 Inches

Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Bamboo Flute 19 Inches

It is one of the excellent options for the intermediate frequency and offers you a rich musical experience. It can be an attractive option for beginners at an affordable price.

If you are into classical music, orchestra, studio recording and even other musical requirements you may have.

It can handle the right kind of balance between high and low notes. A C5 flute is an excellent option for producing high performance. Moreover, it comes inside a good quality case! An ideal choice among the best bamboo flutes in India.

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#2. Punam Flutes C Sharp Bansuri- 18 Inches

Punam Flutes C Sharp Medium (18 inches) Bansuri

Designed on a C scale, the flute is made of high-quality bamboo. Specifically designed for both professionals and beginners alike, the flute offers you high performance.

Perfectly tuned, the flute provides excellent melody performance. It comes with the excellent frequency and complex tone.

It is available with good craftsmanship and arrives in a good package. All the notes are in the right place. It also offers you a good octave balance. Punam has been known for the best flutes in India, and this product is not an excuse.

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Best Flutes in India for Beginners

#3. ShalinIndia Bamboo Flute Bansuri

ShalinIndia Bamboo Flute Bansuri

This bamboo flute with high performance is made from the finest quality of the material. With a length of 19 to 20 inches, the flute is designed explicitly for amateurs.

The handcrafted design is what improves the performance by several folds and makes it an excellent option among the best flutes in India as of now.

The product is available in a set of two. You will get one transverse and one flipple option in the box.

However, please do not expect the high-end performance that suits the advanced users and professionals. The flute is designed keeping the amateurs in mind. You can check out the other set specially designed for the pros from the same manufacturer.

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#4 Surjan Singh & Sons Bamboo Flute Musical C Scale

Surjan Singh & Sons Bamboo Flute C Scale (Natural)

The flute set is available in a set of two. Offering you a natural color option, it offers you quality as expected of the price.

Specifically made for the beginners, it does not come with any huge features or functions.

An ideal option, it meets all your needs as a beginner and can be treated as one of the best flutes in India for amateurs.

You can also check out the other options available from the manufacturers in the G scale. It is one of the best flutes in India for beginners at a very low price.

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#5 HISCIN ISC Bamboo Natural Flute

HISCIN ISC Bamboo Natural Flute Bansuri

Made using premium quality bamboo material, it comes with the finest quality reeds threads. Created with the traditional craftsmanship, the flute transverse type flute you can opt for.

It offers you a deep low frequency. The 17 inch GG type flute is crafted by the Indian artisans and thus lives up to the expectations that it carries.

In addition to playing your favorite music, it can also double up as décor. An affordable, yet professional quality option, the flute can be considered to be one of the best flutes in India.

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That was a formidable list of the best flutes in India. We assume we have been able to meet most of your needs through this compilation and offer the best experience in terms of a great musical journey.

If you are a professional flute player you can find quite a lot of options with the budget going up to thousands.

Which flutes among those did you like the most? Share your inputs and thoughts with us. Also, share with us if you have any of the favorite options in terms of the best flutes in India.

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