Top 5 Best Cheese Graters in India 2020

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Last Updated On: 5th Feb 2020

Cheese graters are one of the prominent utensils you would find in a kitchen. Also known as a shredder, it is used for a wide range of purposes for grating food into fine pieces.

In fact, they are used to grate almost all types of vegetables and fruits apart from the cheese.

But since they were initially used for grating cheese, they are commonly referred to as Cheese Graters. Let us check out the Top 5 Best Cheese Graters in India of 2020.

Best Cheese Graters in India 2020

#1. Home Puff Premium 2 Piece Kitchen Set of Shredder/Grater

Home Puff Premium 2 Piece Kitchen Set of Shredder and Grater

Yet another multipurpose option among graters, the Home Puff Premium 2 Piece Kitchen Set of Shredder/Grater is designed quite ergonomically for a comfortable functionality.

The superior quality stainless steel blade should provide you with an exceptional experience with its ultra sharp cutting and grating.

The grater is safe for dishwasher use and will not develop rust in any condition. Even the handle is ergonomic and durable for use. The grip thickness on the handle would make it a great choice for a comfortable and trouble free handling.

It should be an ideal tool for all your kitchen requirements and offers you a multi-functional use.

Some excellent features that would indeed make it one of the best options is the heat resistance, ease of cleaning and built-in finger protection from accidental cuts if any.

And yes, you get a 12-month replacement warranty on the product.

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#2. Godskitchen 14″ Cheese Grater

Godskitchen Cheese Grater Lemon Zester

One of the excellent products from Godskitchen, it is a professional Cheese Grater that offers you a handy kitchen experience.

In addition to helping you out in grating cheese, it can also be used for zesting lemons, limes, oranges or even oranges. Specifically designed for grating cheese, it can be used for grating different types of cheese.

Some of the compatible cheese types include parmesan, feta, gouda to cheddar and mozzarella.

The ergonomic touch and design would make it a great choice to work with.

The grater comes with an extra coarse blade. This will help you make it easy to grate almost anything with ease and without much effort.

It should be one of the excellent options with respect to cleaning as it can either be used with a dishwasher or even under running water.

It comes with a plastic cover protect the grater and your fingers. An excellent grater cum zester, it is one of the best options for zesting or grating lemon, lime, orange, citrus, cheese, chocolate, nut, and gingers.

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Best Cheese Graters in India 2019

#3. ANVEL Premium Vegetable Chopper/Cheese Grater

ANVEL Vegetable Chopper and Cheese Grater

The first multi-utility chopper and shredder available in India, the grater is made from virgin Unbreakable ABS Food Grade Poly-Carbonate materials.

Equipped with an easy push and clean functionality, it will continue offering you a simple cleaning functionality. The shredder cum grater comes with rustproof coating functionality.

This can go a long way in preventing the surface of the grater from chipping off or peeling.

The blade is made from high-grade stainless steel. This will ensure that the blades will remain rust-free for a longer period of time.

The grater offers you seven-piece attachments meant specifically for different requirements.

You can use the grater cum shredder for working with a wide range of produces like onions, zucchini, peppers, celery, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, and fruits.

It should be your ideal choice for cutting, dicing, grating, and slicing. You would also get a poly-carbonate box to store your blades, grater, and peeler easily and this ensures that you would not lose them.

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#4. Fesa Stainless Steel Dual Zester Grater for Cheese

Fesa Dual Zester Cheese Grater

Multi-functional and convenient, the Fesa Stainless Steel Dual Zester Grater for Cheese is one of the Top 5 Best Cheese Graters in India you can go with, thanks to its versatile functionality and effective design.

It offers you a dual functionality of working as grater along as a zester for Lemon, Ginger, Citrus, Nutmeg, Chocolate, Potato, Vegetable & Fruits.

The grater is made from food-grade material and has super sharp stainless blades that would not rust.

A perfect replacement for box grater, it would offer you a comfortable design. The grater offers an anti-slip grip along with a finger notch for easy handling.

This would offer you complete comfort while working with it. Yet another feature that would go in its favor would be the ease of cleaning and maintaining. While the product is safe for dishwasher use, it can also be cleaned with running water.

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#5. Apex 4 in 1 Smart Vegetable Grater cum Slicer

Apex 4 in 1 Smart Vegetable Grater cum Slicer

The Apex 4 in 1 Smart Vegetable Grater cum Slicer comes with a boxed grater styling and offers you multiple functionalities including cheese grating.

Designed for four functions as the name itself should be indicative, you can use it for chopping, slicing, grating, and chopping.

The grater has an ultimate finish with its interiors made of high-quality steel and stainless steel. The product is completely rustproof, and this should be the prime feature in view of food hygiene.

The easy to carry handle would make it a great choice. The design is ergonomic and does not need you to put in extra pressure to get your work done. Being affordable, it is quite lightweight, and thus you may need to be careful while handling it.

Well, these were the Best Cheese Graters in India we compiled keeping in view the ease of use, comfort, and simplicity in mind.

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We would assume that the graters featured here should meet your needs to a great extent.

Check out the graters we have listed in here and choose the right one that meets your exact kitchen requirements. Never forget to share your thoughts and experiences with any of these products with us.

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