Top 5 Best Toilet Cleaners in India

Top 5 Best Toilet Cleaners in India

Last Updated On: 10 July 2019

It was not until recently that the idea of cleaning toilets using a toilet cleaner liquid did strike us Indians.

It was Harpic that came up with the unique and wherein TV actor Hussain would barge into the house asking the lady of the house to clean up the toilet using its range of products.

The market now is filled with a huge number of toilet cleaners and the market has been quite huge enough for the sector.

We will check out the best toilet cleaners in India you can rely upon.

Best Toilet Cleaners in India in 2019

The toilet cleaner market in India is growing extensively, and several brands have become quite popular.

The focus on toilet cleaning and personal hygiene, as depicted through television commercials has been widely responsible for the enhanced performance of the segment.

From that perspective, here are a few best toilet cleaners in India that you can opt for a clean toilet in your home.

#1. Harpic Power Plus Toilet Cleaner Original

Best Toilet Cleaner in India

Harpic is one of those brands that has brought a new meaning to toilet cleaning. It is the first brand that has been able to create a huge awareness of toilet cleaning in India.

Harpic Power Plus is an excellent option as it offers you a completely reliable and effective means of disinfecting your toilets.

It comes with a few excellent features like 99.9 per cent germ killing, odour killing, tough stain remover and a thicker liquid formula.

It can efficiently handle the cleaning even the tough to reach areas like U bend and rims.

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Best Toilet Cleaning Products

#2. Mr Muscle 100% Limescale Destroyer Toilet Cleaner

Mr Muscle Toilet Cleaner

The cleaner comes with a thicker formulation that can help you remove the limescale with ease.

The Mr Muscle limescale destroyer is designed to leave a protective shield for hours together, keeping your toilet hygienic even after hours of cleaning it.

The shape of the bottle makes it unique and easy to handle.

One of the unique options we found with the product is it changes colour while it is at work.

The shape of the bottle helps you reach the problematic areas in a toilet, especially the Indian system of toilet pans. The toilet cleaner can kill odours effectively and can assure a 99.9 per cent germ kill.

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Best Toilet Cleaner in India

#3. Strategi Herbal Toilet Cleaner

Best Herbal Toilet Cleaner in India

If you are someone who is not happy with the chemicals composition of the toilet cleaner, then the Strategi Herbal toilet cleaner is one of the best herbal toilet cleaners in India for your needs.

This is the best option if you are searching for all natural toilet cleaner.

The cleaner is made using all herbal ingredients, some of the ingredients you would find in the natural toiler cleaner include non-ionic cocoa, water, coconut based surfactants, soap nut and lemon oils.

The affordable price is a plus point about this cleaner.

What we found interesting is that it is completely free from acid and thus offers you a biodegradable and non-toxic functionality.

The cleaner reduces calcification and removes the hardest water stains.

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#4. Bloo Flowers Toilet Liquid Cleaner

Bloo Flowers Toilet Liquid Cleaner

The brand name ‘Bloo’ may not be very popular. However, it is known to be an effective toilet cleaner.

The liquid cleaner is available in multiple fragrance options like flower burst, lemon Zing and Sweet Tulip.

The floral fragrance is what would make your toilet smell good enough in addition to an excellent cleaning and can be the best contender for the best toilet cleaners in India.

The liquid is much thick and should help you clean the toilet seats and bowls without having to waste the costly liquid. It can remove limescale and dirt efficiently and can clean out the dirt under the waterline.

The self-acting formula works the best to keep your toilets clean.

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#5. Organica Biotech Think Safe Toilet Cleaner

Organica Biotech Think Safe Toilet Cleaner

The Organica Biotech Think Safe Toilet Cleaner is an excellent option if you are averse to acidic toilet cleaners. One of the best toilet cleaners in India, we found it impressive enough and completely safe.

If you are worried about the acid in your toilet cleaner damaging the septic tank, a completely natural solution available through Organica should be a perfect choice for you.

It comes with the Natural enzymatic formula. You can be assured of the removal of the stains created by hard water and limescales.

The neutral pH formula should be safe for your skin, non-corrosive for your sanitary fittings and safe for your septic tank as well. The cleaner should be an excellent option for bio-toilets as well.

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Final Conclusion

Those were a few select choices for the best toilet cleaners in India you can check out. Choosing the best toilet cleaner among a huge number of options currently available is indeed a very difficult task.

We assume that we have made your task simple and easy enough with the compilation of the best toilet cleaners in India in this guide.

Do note that while we have shared the one particular fragrance of the products here, most of the products in this compilation have multiple choices of fragrances.  Go through our list and choose the best that perfectly matches your requirements.

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