Which is the Best Cloth Dryer in India?

Which is the Best Cloth Dryer in India?

Last Updated On: 08 July 2019

Are you planning to buy a clothes dryer for your daily needs? There are several choices available in India, and you should find it easy enough to find the best cloth dryer in India.

Of course, with a considerably large number of options available, we thought of helping you with the right choice.

Of course, finding those machines only with the dryer functionality may not be easy, but we have attempted the best options available.

#1. DMR 50-50A Semi-Automatic 5 kg Spin Dryer

best cloth dryer in India

The dryer comes with a 5 Kg capacity and offers you only drying functionality and no washing.

The machine is considered to be India’s first mini washing machine and works best for the areas with water scarcity.

The low water consumption and high power efficiency are the two salient features that will make it one of the prominent options you would find an excellent choice.

Capable of drying around 8 to 9 clothes, you will find it one of the best cloth dryer in India.


  • Portable semi-automatic dryer
  • Thermostat protection for motor
  • Spin motor – 320 Watts
  • Motor type – Aluminium


  • It does not occupy much space
    Excellent décor
    Highly lightweight and portable


  • Can vibrate with a heavy load

The dryer is available on Amazon at this link.

#2. IFB 5.5 kg Dryer (Turbo Dry EX)

best clothes dryer in India

The dryer comes with six drying programs to meet the exact clothing types that you are planning to dry.

These will suit an optimum temperature and time to meet the precise type of clothes you want to dry out.

The auto reverse and anti-crease drying functionality provides you with excellent functionality and can rightly make it one of the best cloth dryer in India.

Another feature that would make it a unique possession for you is it can be mounted on the wall for easy operation and functionality.


  • Tumble speed – 55 rpm
  • Motor rating – 125 Watts
  • Capacity – 5.5 Kg


  • The machine takes extreme care for the colour of the clothes.
  • Free from allergens for an efficient drying


  • The after sales service is not up to the mark
  • Siemens Aluminum Condensation Dryer

You can check it out on Amazon here.

#3. Koryo 7 kg Dryer

Koryo 7 kg Clothes Dryer

The dryer has been considered to be one of the best clothes dryers in India and is indeed a value for money product for all your needs.

The build quality is much excellent and lives up to the expectation.

The full automatic controls are what should ideally make it one of the great choices for practically all your clothe drying needs.

The heat resistant coating is one of the excellent features we loved with the product. You have access to 16 programs for access to multiple clothes types.


  • 7 Kg capacity
  • Suitable for 3 to 4 member family
  • Fully automatic functionality
  • Dryer only functionality


  • One year warranty
  • An excellent and prompt customer care service
  • A wonderful performance


  • Rotation only in one direction
  • May take a little more time to dry cotton clothes

Find the best price for Koryo 7 kg Cloth Dryer on Amazon by Clicking Here

#4. Siemens Aluminum Condensation Dryer

best condensation dryer

The dryer comes with a great condensation technology that works best to air dry your clothes efficiently.

The condensation option should be one of the unique concepts in dryer technology.

The tumbler-type drying technology should work wonderful enough and makes it one of the top end contenders among the best clothes dryers in India.

It has Duo-Tronic sensors to sense the moisture levels in your clothes and thereby decide on the proper temperatures to dry them effectively. The machine comes with a high-end vibration resistant properties and offers you a sensitive drying mechanism.


  • Buzzer at the end of the dry cycle
  • Fully automatic functioning
  • High end build quality.


  • Smart drying features
  • The LED display to take care of proper handling and control
  • Beautiful design that goes very well with every home décor.


  • Expensive price tag

The Siemens Aluminum Condensation Dryer can be found on the Amazon at this link.

#5. Bosch 8 kg/5 kg Washer Dryer

Along with dryer functionality, you will also get a washing functionality with this machine. However, the dryer functionality is quite advanced, and that is exactly why we have added the product to this compilation.

The higher capacity of the machine will ensure that it is suitable for practically every sort of functionality.

The allergy plus functionality is yet another great feature that makes it a reliable and one of the best clothes dryers in India.

You have access to the DuoTronic sensors for the sensors. This will help detect the moisture inside the clothes and apply a proper drying technique.


  • 8 Kg capacity suitable for a larger family
  • 2-year warranty on machine and 10-year warranty on the motor
  • Larger LED display
  • Special drying programmes.
  • Eco perfect functionality


  • Multiple water saving techniques
  • Eco silence drive ensures a quieter motor for a long time performance
  • Flow sensor for effective use of water.
  • Foam detection system


  • Expensive price tag

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This was all we had to share about the best clothes dryers in India. Of course, several washing machines have lived up to the expectation, but our focus for the sake of this post has been towards the drying functionality.

While almost all the products here come with a dryer only feature, a couple of them also have a washing machine cum dryer functionality.

They have been added because of their excellent functionality in terms of the dryers employed.Check out the best clothes dryers compiled here and get the best experience ever as long as your clothe drying requirements are concerned.

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